Wedding Toastmaster Services

Richard understands that your wedding or civil-partnership day is one of the most important days of your life

The occasion will be a memorable one, when all your plans come together. Because of this, you will want everything to go well. The services of a Professional Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies can help you to ensure that your wedding or civil ceremony will be the toast of the town.

Wedding coordination can be a very stressful experience. This can be avoided by engaging Richard as your Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies ensuring that all members of your wedding party, including you, are able to relax and enjoy your day, secure in the knowledge that your event is being run your way and professionally.

Richard’s experience as a Professional Toastmaster will assist in making your plans and dreams into perfect, memorable reality.

Wedding services include:

• Liaison between you and all other hired professionals
• Guiding the main parties through all aspects of the event
• Wedding coordination
• Event coordination
• Handling of timing
• Wedding hosting
• Wedding speaker introductions

Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographers
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We frequent some of the top wedding venues in the country. Often our couple employ the services of a toastmaster – sometimes because he is part of the package with their wedding venue and other, less frequent times, because they have been to a friend's wedding where a good toastmaster made a difference to the day.

I have to say by far the best toastmaster we have worked with in a long time, we met for the first time last week, at the beautiful Narborough Hall Gardens. We were so impressed by his professionalism and what a difference he did make to the day, I’ve decided to write a blog post about him – and that, believe me, is a first!
Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographers
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I’ll keep it brief. This “gem” is called Richard Cawte and he comes from the South, but travels all over the UK, to perform his toastmaster duties. He holds the accolade of being a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters and tells us that he can be yours for the day “for the price of a chocolate fountain”. Although those of you who know me will know I have a bit (!!) of an addiction to chocolate - I know which I’d rather have (the less fattening and messy alternative!).

So, in short, if you are considering employing a toastmaster for the day, please make our life easier and choose Richard!
Paul & Heather
Paul & Heather@username
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We honestly had the best day ever it just all went far to quickly! I don’t believe there is anything more you could have done for us on the day we’re both so pleased we decided to go with you as our toast master.

You really helped to ensure our day went as planned which meant we could really focus on enjoying our day hanging out with our friends and family